Councillors told tweed byron merger unlikely, says councillor

Councillors told tweed byron merger unlikely, says councillor

Councillors have told the City of Hamilton they can’t envisage City of Hamilton being amalgamated into the Ontario Municipal Employees’ Union.

In a letter dated January 9th, Coun. Paul Miller said the City of Hamilton would likely not get a majority of the votes from a union it has not represented in the past.

Miller did not answer any of the questions posed. But he said the Mayor’s Office received the memo from the City Council on Wednesday.

Coun. John Spalding has told Toronto Sun staff there’s no chance the city would become a government.

There is only a 2.8 per cent chance Mayor Fred Eisenberger would win re-election, Spalding said.

And the mayor also told council he would not accept a c카지노 사이트ity-controlled bylaw for any other city in Ontario or British Columbia.

I’ll listen to your concerns about amalgamation, but we don’t have the numbers for an amalgamations wi예스카지노th or without an employee’s union in Hamilton. – Paul Miller

Miller said the union’s membership is almost 90 per cent provincial and union membership in Ontario has declined to about 36 per cent as a result.

There is a proposal to merge with the Toronto and Waterloo District, but the proposal has been rejected by the City Council.

The Mayor told council members this proposal was “laying the groundwork” for an amalgamation. Miller said in his memo he would also prefer not to negotiate with the union and that if it were not a political deal, there was nothing for the city to fear from that happening.

“I think Mr. Eisenberger should have at least seen the memorandum of understanding.”

Miller said Eisenberger also is opposed to the idea of a proposed 2.8 per cent pay cut for his employees. Miller said Eisenberger’s concern is employees would still get an increase after amalgamation.

Miller said Eisenberger’s opposition to the pay cut is because employers,우리카지노 including the union, are making millions with the proposed bylaw cut.

He said the council is currently debating another bylaw for the Ontario Municipal Employees’ Union. Miller said it is not yet clear how the bylaw cut will be fixed.

“I’m still waiting on the answer on the compensation issue,” Miller said. “And I need an answer by January 30th.”